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Training Course – Student Visa Interview


In this course you will see and hear the following:Student visa InterviewsQuestions you might be askedAnswers that are given A few scenarios played out where you hear the questions and they are also written on screen for you to see as well as the answers given to those very questions.These scenarios are what we call straight forward interviews there is nothing complex about these interviews, so if asked any of these questions in your student visa application interview you really shouldn’t struggle with at all.We also have another interview scenario called stage 1,2 and 3, these interviews look at the different types of interviews and the questions you can be asked and the types of answers that are suitable and the type of wrong answers students give that lead to visa’s being declined.In that course we also have an amazing bonus clip where we answer the most frequently asked questions like”Can I work more then 20 hours per week legally without breaking immigration rules?””What happens if I can’t leave the UK before my visa expires?”What happens if I get married while in the UK on a student visa or want to get married , what are my options?”How do I make the most of my time in the UK studies, working, earning a good income, travelling etc?”So if you are that person that has ever wondered what are the answers to such questions then don’t hesitate, enrol and open the Pandora box of answers, also don’t be shy go ahead and drop us a message we will be more then happy to answer any questions you may have.Look forward to seeing you soon.HCH ….more information

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