Take Control of Your Google Ads Campaign

Training Course – Take Control of Your Google Ads Campaign


Google Ads is an in demand skill. Whether you are a business owner or marketer having a good understanding of the capabilities of Google Ads can help you to understand how to use it to advertise your products or services. Even more importantly with this course, you will learn how to set up and run cost-effective campaigns.With 41 easy to digest classes, you will understand everything you need to know about running a good Google Ads campaign.No more guessing, no more blagging it. Fully understand how to implement effective Google Ads campaigns.This course covers: Search Campaigns, Display Campaigns, Video (YouTube) campaigns and Shopping campaigns. A whole new toolset in your marketing armoury.This course condenses our 15 years hands-on Google Ads experience into over 40 bite-sized lessons with quizzes along the way to test your knowledge. You will get a detailed knowledge on everything you need to know to really take control of your Google Ads.Just about anyone in business can benefit from understanding Google Ads. But this course is for you if…You are a business owner who doesn’t want to keep paying agency feesYou are a marketing manager who wants to understand the full capabilities of Google AdsYou are a freelancer who is constantly asked to run Google Ads campaigns and you are ready to upskill!What will I learn?Google Ads has so many capabilities you are probably most aware of Search Ads, here’s what else you can expect to learn on this course.How to build and maintain a great Search Ad campaignHow to use Google Ads for e-commerceMore about YouTube (video) Ad campaigns and Display campaignsHow to optimise your campaign to keep achieving good resultsRefining your campaign with audience targeting ….more information

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