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Hi!Welcome to my course, Teach with Google Classroom. During the current education climate there is nothing more important than flexibility of teaching and that includes being able to deliver engaging, informative lessons remotely using Google Classroom. During this course you will be transformed from a complete beginner to a seasoned Google Classroom educator with help from start to finish. Teachers of all levels; primary, secondary and further education will benefit from using Google Classroom as an online learning platform. This is a comprehensive course covering topics from the basics of classroom, to how you can use it with your students, to lessons to teach your students, how to use the application and finally a student view on desktop and tablet.The course is broken down into 7 sections, the introductory section, followed by 6 learning modules, and ending with a student view topic so you can visualise Google Classroom from your students eyes. Each module has step by step instructions which you can follow along with to help you become more comfortable with using Google Classroom. With over 75 minutes showing step-by-step processes, you are sure to become a successful online educator with Google Classroom. Prepare for the future of education with Google Classroom. ….more information

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