The 60 Minute Guide to Nailing Competency Based Interviews

Training Course – The 60 Minute Guide to Nailing Competency Based Interviews


Do you worry about competency-based interviews?Are you concerned about the quality of your examples?Are you constantly tripping up at this final hurdle?Competency based interviews are fast becoming one of these essential life skills to securing your dream job in a highly competitive world. Unfortunately, no one is born with this skill or taught it in school. The good news however is that it is a learnable skill & Im going to break it down in a systematic & manageable way!In this course I will show you how to cover multiple questions, approaching them from an interviewers perspective & understand the difference between good and bad examples plus much much more including how to.Prepare and Strategize for successDevelop engaging examplesArticulate answers effortlesslyMaster the STAR techniqueUncover the Qs hidden agendaManage hypothetical situationsBuild interview confidenceHandle challenging questionsValidate skills from all areas of lifeOvercome interview stress syndromeThis course is unique as it will discuss competency-based interviews in detail & from every angle including best practice strategies for success & how to avoid common pitfalls. Furthermore, there will be plenty of opportunities to put theory into practice with 4 interactive activities.The ideal student for this course is anyone who wants to build confidence, stand out with great examples & approach competency-based interviews through a proven & structured success strategy.Competency based interviews can seem daunting & challenging to prepare for but with the right strategy, techniques & examples you will be well on your way to receiving that job offer!This course comes with a Full Money Back Guarantee, and if you’re less that 100% satisfied, you can get a full refund within 30 days of purchase. With lifetime access you will also benefit from the regular updates and additional course material to give you more and more value over time. ….more information

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