The Complete Business Analysis and Project Management Course

Training Course – The Complete Business Analysis and Project Management Course


WHAT WILL I LEARN?Integrateinto a project or team environment with an understanding of their role, key responsibilities and relationship with fellow project membersWork with business stakeholders togather and documentdifferent types and levels of requirements.Work with business stakeholders todefine, scope and initiatea projectUnderstand how project approaches such asAgileaffect the Business Analysis roleBreak-down complex business scenarios or problems intoprocess and data modelsValidate requirementsby producingUse Casesand assess requirements against defined quality criteria.Applyend-to-endthinking to complex business and system problems to ensure right first time Documentation and solutions.Become well-versed in various techniques forrequirements elicitationWork with stakeholders to develop optimum solutions to defined requirements.Confidentlypresentfindings to business stakeholders and their project team. ….more information

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