The Consulting Case Interview 2021: Beginner to Expert

Training Course – The Consulting Case Interview 2021: Beginner to Expert


*UPDATED FOR 2020/21* – Now includes tips to help specifically with online interviews!!Why should you choose this course?This course contains everything you need to know to get into top management consulting firms like McKinsey, BCG and Bain. I have also made it so busy students will have time to do this course as I have condensed all the information into a complete package so you don’t have to spend weeks learning about consulting case interviews.How is the course taught?Interactive lectures with supporting slides to help your learningProjects and quizzes to reinforce learning Interactive business case examples where you can see what it’s like in a case interviewWhat you will gain from this courseA solid understanding of consulting as an industryHow to communicate effectively in a case interview How to nail the non-case parts of the interview like competency questionsHow to crack all manner of case studies Knowledge that will help you get into the top management consulting firmsWhy should you learn from me?I prepared for months for case interviews and learnt what is necessary and what isn’t necessary. So from my experiences interviewing at BCG (course not affiliated with BCG) and at other big firms, I’ve collated the most important information for you to land top jobs at the most competitive firms. ….more information

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