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Training Course – Project Management Fundamentals Online Course


Course Description This course introduces students to project management fundamentals. Topics covered include project management basics, types of projects, building the team and schedule, creating the budget, execution, and more. COURSE OUTLINEModule 1 – Getting Started – 3mGetting StartedInstructor IntroductionCourse ObjectivesAgendaAgendaModule 2 – Project Management Basics – 27mProject Management BasicsPMI’s PMBOKWhat is a Project?Attributes of a ProjectExamples of ProjectsWhat is Project ManagementProject Constraints“The Iron Triangle”ScopeCostTimeHow do we make this happen?How do we make this happen?The Fundamental Project Life CycleThe Project Life CycleFundamental Project Management ProcessOutputs ExamplesUnforeseen CircumstancesRecommendationsWords of WisdomThe ToolsFundamental Project Management ToolsFundamental Project Management Processes and ToolsThe PeopleObjectivesStakeholderCustomerSponsorTeam MembersManagementProject Manager’s RoleProject Manager’s ResponsibilitiesTime Management MatrixTime Management MatrixTime IS MoneyThe Benefits of Project ManagementSummaryAgendaModule 3 – Where Do Projects Come From – 56mWhere Do Projects Come FromTypes of OrganizationsEnterprise Portfolio ManagementThe AgendaBM101MissionVisionGoalsBusiness StrategyManagement By ObjectivesBalanced Scorecard ApproachBalanced GoalsObjectivesSMART Objectives from Balanced GoalsSMART Objectives from Balanced Goals cont.Key Performance IndicatorsAction PlansBM101 SummaryProject Management 101PM QuotesPhases and Knowledge Areas10 Knowledge Areas AlignedThe Project TrianglePM101PM101ProgramsPortfolioPM101 SummaryEnterprise Portfolio ManagementThe ConnectionThe Enterprise V PlansThe Enterprise V ObjectivesThe Enterprise V ProgramsThe Enterprise V PortfolioAnother ViewEnterprise Portfolio Management Versus Program andamp; Project ManagementSummaryWhy Great ROI?But why is it necessary?Matrix Organization StructureReview CadenceHow Projects Are SelectedObjectivesNeeds IdentificationBusiness CaseEnterprise Portfolio ManagementProposing ProjectsProject Selection“The Funnel Flowchart”Project Prioritization ExerciseThirst Beverage CorporationProject ChallengeAgendaModule 4 – Types of Projects – 32mTypes of ProjectsPredictive Versus AgilePredictive Versus Agile Project ManagementTraditional Versus Agile Project ManagementPredictive Versus AgileThe Predictive Project Life CycleAn Agile Project Life CycleThe Scrum Framework – ModifiedAn Agile Project Life CycleThe Big PictureThe DivideAgendaModule 5 – Initiation – 28mInitiationOur ProjectOur ProjectSetup6 Essential Features for a PMISPMIS ExamplesLeveraging Microsoft TeamsLeveraging Microsoft TeamsPMI’s Project Life CycleFundamental Project Management Processes and ToolsProject CharterLeveraging Microsoft TeamsCreating a Project CharterCreating a Project CharterFundamental Project Management Processes and ToolsStakeholder RegisterLeveraging Microsoft TeamsStakeholder RegisterStakeholder RegisterCreating a Project Charter“The Iron Triangle”AgendaModule 6 – Building the Team – 24mBuilding the TeamThe Fundamental Project Life CycleBuild a High Performing TeamBenefits of a High Performing TeamStages of Team DevelopmentTeam CharterWorking AgreementWorking AgreementLeveraging Microsoft TeamsBeing a Good LeaderBeing a Servant LeaderServant LeaderKickoff MeetingConducting Effective MeetingsAgendaModule 7 – Building the Schedule – 52mBuilding the ScheduleThe Fundamental Project Life CycleFundamental Project Management Processes and ToolsWhat a Schedule looks like….according to GoogleBenefits of a Project ScheduleAligning To PMISteps to Build a Schedule1 Plan Schedule ManagementOur project1 Plan Schedule ManagementSteps to Build a ScheduleProject Schedule….according to PMIHow to Define ActivitiesWhat Does It Look Like?Option 2 – WBS* by Work PackageOption 3 – WBS By PhaseSteps to Build a ScheduleLeveraging Microsoft Teams“The Iron Triangle”Microsoft Scheduling Tool Capability ModelMicrosoft Scheduling Tool Capability ModelProject Schedule in ExcelProject Schedule in Microsoft ProjectProject Schedule in Project OnlineAgendaModule 8 – Creating the Budget – 24mCreating the BudgetThe Fundamental Project Life CycleProject Cost ManagementGeneral NotesTypes of CostsWhat is a budget?Aligning To PMISteps to Create a Budget1. Plan Cost ManagementThe Budget ToolMicrosoft Scheduling Tool Capability ModelEstimated Costs and Budget in Microsoft Project“The Iron Triangle”AgendaModule 9 – Planning Wrap Up – 6mPlanning Wrap Up“The Iron Triangle”The Fundamental Project Life CyclePerform AnalysisObtain ApprovalSave a BaselineAligning to PMIProgressive ElaborationAgendaModule 10 – Execution – 41mExecutionThe Fundamental Project Life CycleFundamental Project Management Processes and ToolsManaging Your ProjectUpdate Schedule and Actual CostsManaging Your ProjectFundamental Project Management Processes and ToolsRisksAligning To PMIRisk ManagementRisk Management ProcessesRisk RegisterRisk ManagementRisk Probability Impact AssessmentRisk ManagementRisk RegisterRisk ManagementRisk ManagementRisk ManagementRisk RegisterRisk ManagementManaging Your ProjectIssuesFundamental Project Management Processes and ToolsIssue LogFundamental Project Management Processes and ToolsStatus ReportStatus ReportStatus ReportProject Status ReportAgendaModule 11A – Monitor and Control – 11mMonitor and ControlWhat is Monitor and Control?What is Monitor and Control?What should you monitor?What should you monitor?Project ControlProject Control PrinciplesControl ScopeWhat should you monitor?Control ScheduleWhat should you monitor?Control CostsWhat should you monitor?Module 11B – Earned Value Management – 41mProgress MonitoringEarned Value ManagementEarned Value AnalysisOur ProjectPipeline ProjectThe Process to Set UpPipeline ScheduleBaseline Cost over TimePerformance MeasuresBaselined Cost – TimephasedPV – Planned ValuePV – Planned ValuePV – Planned ValuePV – Planned ValueThe Process to MaintainPerforming AnalysisPerformance MeasuresEV – Earned ValueEV – Earned ValueEV – Earned ValuePerformance MeasuresAC – Actual CostAC – Actual CostAC – Actual CostVariancesCost VarianceSchedule VarianceTotal VarianceGraphical RepresentationGraphical RepresentationGraphical RepresentationGraphical RepresentationMicrosoft Project – Math Check!Visual Reports in MS ProjectReport Exported from MS Project to ExcelAligning with RealityRevised PlanReschedule Uncomplete Work in MS ProjectRevised PlanRevised PlanThe Moral of the StoryPerformance IndexesCost Performance IndexSchedule Performance IndexCompletion MetricsCompletion MetricsCompletion MetricsCompletion MetricsCompletion MetricsProject Status as of 4/30The Process to MaintainProject Status as of 4/30Microsoft Project Math Check!Why Measure?Why Measure?What should you monitor?Module 11C – Other Items to Monitor – 19mWhat should you monitor?Risk Monitor and ControlRisk Monitor and ControlWhat should you monitor?Control IssuesWhat should you monitor?Manage Stakeholder EngagementWhat should you monitor?Control DocumentsWhat should you monitor?Control The Product, Service or ResultControl The Product, Service or ResultQuality Terms and Definitions7 Basic Quality ToolsControlling QualityWhat should you monitor?Module 11D – Controlling Changes – 3mControlling ChangesControlling ChangesExample Change Request ProcessAgendaModule 12 – Closure – 9mClosureFundamental Project Management Processes and ToolsCustomer FeedbackCustomer Feedback SurveyLessons LearnedLessons LearnedFundamental Project Management Processes and ToolsProject Summary ReportPerformance EvaluationsDocumentation Close-outCelebrationAgendaModule 13 – Course Wrap Up – 14mCourse Wrap UpProject Procurement ManagementProject Procurement ManagementProject Procurement ManagementTypical StepsProcurement Statement of WorkTypical StepsBid DocumentTypical StepsContractTypes of ContractsTypical StepsControl ProcurementsTypical StepsClose ProcurementsTypical StepsCongratulations!Objectives ReviewAgendaTotal Duration: 6h 32m Need to train your Team? 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