Frequently Asked Questions

We are a combined Jobs Board and aggregator website – in that we are supplied with vacancies from specialist agencies acting on behalf of employers and also directly from employers or agents who are site members.
We do not ‘scrape’ or ‘lift’ vacancies or content from other websites. All content is supplied via agencies electronically or added by the hirer or their agent manually.

Our Job Boards advertise vacancies as supplied by employers or their agents. We do not sell or advertise candidate availability information.

VDB does not receive applications, resumes or CV’s from job seekers. These are received by the employers or agents.

Job vacancies expire after 30 days or earlier if filled or expired by the advertiser. If a vacancy remains unfilled after 30 days it can be relisted.

Yes. We will upload job listings supplied by spreadsheet by arrangement. We will not allow members to upload spreadsheets to minimise security risks.

If you have exceeded the limit for your membership your listing will be held in moderation until:

  • your existing vacancies have expired
  • or payment is made for the excess. Minimum being the 30 day current rate.

We will remove any listing that we receive a validated complaint about by first taking it offline then advising the advertiser of the complaint and presenting an opportunity to correct or edit.

We hold the bare minimum of person identifiable data online to reduce the risk of data loss or theft. Additionally we will periodically flush the database to remove stale accounts. Members are encouraged to use strong passwords and not to share with others. Our systems prohibit more than one device connecting to the database with the same user credentials at the same time.

We do not re-advertise agency supplied vacancies on social media or networking sites. Member listings will only be shared if there is a specific arrangement in place to do so.

We are a generalised job board but supply filtered feeds to special interest websites eg Tech and Finance where agreed.

Candidates contact recruiters either via an email address or a weblink – unless the recruiter has chosen to include a contact telephone number in the copy.

  • We cater for businesses of all sizes by providing an affordable resource for advertising job vacancies as opposed to trying to manage recruitment soley on their existing website.
  • For businesses that place frequent vacancy adverts we can provide a co-branded subdomain service e.g which redirects to a prefiltered landing page dedicated to your brand.
  • Great for freelance recruitment consultants or small companies who do not have or want the overhead of a website !
  • Job Vacancies are easily shared on the most popular social media networks, emailed, WhatsApped or printed directly from the page.
  • We can provide custom shortcuts on request to your particular need eg. by Category/Location/Type.

Please follow this link for details

The basic steps are :

  1. Create a Member Account
  2. Login
  3. Go to Add Listing
  4. Enter listing and contact details
  5. Preview and submit

Your vacancy listing will go live after being approved.

Agent registration and membership fees are available here:

Register – Vacancy

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